Welcome to my WordPress blog.

A little information about myself.

I’m a Lecturer in social science and economics. I have written a number of books on politics, economics and globalisation.

Among them:
Samfundskundskab 1 – 3. Samfundsfagsnyt 1982 – 88, various editions
Kommunikation og medier. Samfundsfagsnyt
Økonomi – produktion, fordeling. Gyldendal 1985
Dansk Politik og økonomi. Columbus
Dansk Politik og økonomi i Internationalt perspektiv, 4th edition 2010
Politik ABC. Columbus 2009 – 10
I have also edited and annotated 2 books in English and social studies to be used in study line classes for interdisciplinary work in the two subjects.
It has been a lot of fun and very inspirational.

Hope, you’ll have fun reading my blog posts